In today's hypercompetitive economy, the ability to transform business data into business intelligence can be your company's best hope for beating the competition. Your place at the center of your organizations' business strategy depends on being able to deliver high-quality information to the right people at the right time. And that requires your IT organization to build a data warehouse, populate it with complete, consistent, accurate, and current data from multiple sources and make that data available to analytical and operational applications throughout the enterprise. Data Warehousing enables you to bring together an integrated, holistic view of your suppliers, your customers and your entire organization and serves as the foundation for producing strategic insights in a low-risk manner.

DataTEK’s Data Experts specialize in all data solutions a corporation needs for running business successfully. The goals of our certified engineers are to facilitate each step of all of your data management process, accelerate your decision making with accurate and live data and save your time, money for all forensic, reporting and analysis efforts. Our experts will design, implement, and optimize your data warehouse for all your reporting and analysis needs, based on our proven process that includes:

  • Organize your data so all the events or related objects will be inter-connected
  • Record all data changes for tracking management
  • Protect and preserve historical data against changes
  • Retrieve your data with easy retrieval from an organized location


As a Microsoft and Oracle Partner, DataTEK  Consulting has implemented data warehousing solutions that provide valuable business intelligence and support for critical decision makers within the organization.