The value of logistics to brand owners comes from the optimization and integration of resources, facilities and optimal inventory to maximize business profitability. In this scenario, the role of information technology (IT) evolves from being a mere enabler of operations to a strategic driver.

We enable processes such as:

  • Global Trade Services - Increasing shipment turnaround time by automating customs clearance, interacting with customs systems (EDI/NCTS) and getting electronic clearance for the shipments
  • Shipment Automation - Build and manage the entire shipping cycle from shipment initiation to delivery, and track and trace the same at any stage of the shipment cycle
  • Supply Chain Management - Effectively and efficiently manage orders, inventory and other assets to ensure optimum resource utilization at all times
  • Operations Management - Automate various HUB and warehouse operations such as sorting based on bar code/RFID, inbound and outbound cargo handling, cage management, delivery and dispatch management
  • Support Services - This include integration with partners (logistics companies, agents, and suppliers and customers), workbench development, supply chain integration, unified portal development, legacy application re-engineering, and custom application development

A Partial List of Our Delivery Clients Include:

  • UPS
  • FedEx 
  • DHL 
  • TNT