The global Telecom industry is undergoing significant transformation. Easing of the regulatory environment, rapid technological advancements, increased acceptance and use of new products and services by consumers, emergence of new burgeoning markets have all come together to usher in an era of rapid change and growth.Datatek offers services to Telecom clients around the world in Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Portals, Integration and Enterprise Applications. Our ready-to-deploy Telcom platform solutions have helped our customers quickly implement business performance monitoring and optimization solutions cost-effectively.Our Telecom solutions and services range from Application Development, Management, and Maintenance, to Consulting, Testing and Enterprise Application services globally.

Some of the measurable benefits that you can derive from DataTek include:

  • Large transformation program/project management capability
  • Innovative service delivery set with a focus on operational efficiency and excellence
  • Communications industry standard frameworks used as guidance for 'Client Multi-year Plans'
  • Blend of domain and technology in Packaged Applications, Integration/SOA, Self-service portals/Content Management and Testing leading to an improved customer experience

A Partial List of Our Telecommunications Clients Include:

  • Verizon Communications
  • AT&T
  • Vodafone¬†
  • America Movil